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Setting up iCal on a Mac – it’s as easy as peas.

Log in to Sugar


Log in to Sugar and click on the User Name at the top right.



Click on Profile.

Profile Page


You should now see the Profile page.

Advanced Tab


Click on the Advanced Tab. Scroll down to the iCal URL and copy the iCal URL to your clipboard.

Open iCal


Click on Calendar and Subscribe.



Paste the iCal URL into the Calendar textbox and click Subscribe.

Adding a Twitter Widget to SugarCRM

So you’d like to add some extra Twitter functionality to SugarCRM, maybe automatically populating the Twitter account details and allowing instant response, retweet or marking an item as a favourite. Here’s how… Read more

Monitoring Twitter searches live in SugarCRM

So, for the third part of our series of we have a simple integration with Twitter to talk about.

What if you wanted to monitor Twitter search streams inside of Sugar but didn’t know how? Well we’re going to show a simple way in which you can add a dashlet to your Sugar dashboard and monitor, tweet, retweet and reply to tweets all from inside Sugar.

First things first, you need to put this script somewhere. Read more

Adding a Twitter followers tile wall to Sugar

So, for the second part of our series in what’s possible when integrating social media with Sugar. A very cosmetic, but useful way in which to show a customer’s Twitter followers is to build face pile. Read more

Showing how many followers a customer has on Twitter

So you have some customers that have provided their Twitter username to you in SugarCRM, but you want to know a bit more information about them. Well, this is the first part of a series of tutorials/posts based around how to flex SugarCRM around social media.

First things first, add your new fields. These fields need to be as follows:

Module: Contacts
Data Type: TextField
Field Name: twittername
Display Label: Twitter Name:

Module: Contacts
Data Type: IFrame
Field Name: twitterfollowers
Display Label: Twitter Followers
Generate URL: Checked
Default Value:{twittername_c}
Max Size: 255
IFrame Height: 100

Now check Dependent as we only want this new twitterfollowers field to appear if there is a value in twittername. Make the formula as follows:


We need to make sure we’re passing the Twitter ID as a parameter called ‘q’ to our HTML/JavaScript script. We’ve specified the location of where my HTML file will be uploaded to. This is outside of SugarCRM.

Next add it to the layout. I’ve added mine to the top panel.

and added it to both views:

Finally, upload the Twitter HTML/JS script to the location of your choice. Download it from here. A screenshot of what it looks like is here:

Now see the finished result:

Keep following for further SocialCRM enhancements in this series, showcasing how Sugar can work well with social.

Optimising Sugar

Here are some tips on how to speed up your SugarCRM:

Drop the absolute totals from ListViews by adding this line to your SugarCRM’s config.php file:

‘disable_count_query’ = true;

Alternatively, you can create a file config_override.php and add this line to it:

$sugar_config['disable_count_query'] = true;

Disable automatic query repetition on List Views by adding this line to config_override.php:

$sugar_config['save_query'] = ‘populate_only’;

Disable client IP verification by adding this line to config_override.php:

$sugar_config["verify_client_ip"] = false;

Disable VCR control by adding this line to config_override.php:

$sugar_config['disable_vcr'] = true;

Hide unused subpanels by adding these lines to config_override.php:

$sugar_config['hide_subpanels'] = true;

$sugar_config['hide_subpanels_on_login'] = true;

In the php.ini set this value:

zlib.output_compression = 1

While these are not ‘hard and fast’ tips on how to improve Sugar performance, a combination of some of these [in specific scenarios] may work well to improve performance.


Wildcard searching in SugarCRM

So we have a simple tip today…how to do wildcard searching in Sugar in text fields, maybe in multiple fields. This is an easy one to explain, but not immediately obvious to someone that hasn’t used Sugar before and to people that aren’t familiar with the LIKE command in SQL statements. Read more

Tracker which modules your users are using in SugarCRM

So you’ve got SugarCRM, but don’t know how to track how well it’s being used by your company, and to see who is using which modules? Inside Sugar there are tracking facilities which enable you to drill down into the specific areas your users are going. So let’s take a look. Read more

Adding a link to another Sugar item directly into a view

So you want to link to a Sugar report directly from within a view or layout and you’re not certain how to do so? Well the simple response would be to go to the Reports module and access the report there. But what if you have hundreds of reports and don’t know which one is the correct one? Well help is at hand… Read more

Adding a Google Map to a SugarCRM module

So you’ve worked with SugarCRM for a while and wondered how you can integrate your Accounts module, or in fact any module with Google Maps…maybe you want to show how to load a map based on the address information you’ve got about a contact or an account?

Well, this can be done to any module, be it a custom one or not, as long as you have address fields to build the lookup. We’re using the Contacts module in this case, and it requires minimal effort – you use Sugar’s Studio to perform all of the modifications.
Read more